About TB&S

TB&S is a innovative vegetable company. Our top products are white pointed cabbage and red pointed cabbage, but we also grow white cabbage, red cabbage, baby romaine lettuce, and bok choy. With regard to cultivating, growing, storing, processing, and trading, we are one of the biggest and most innovative vegetable specialists in Europe. We work under strict guidelines as prescribed by law, as well as under a SKAL Bio Control certificate. We carry the following certifications:

  • QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH
  • SKAL Bio Controle

(Skalnummer 104653 certificate number 955310 NL-BIO-01)

It all started with the first vegetable trade market

Our experience with pointed cabbage began more than 100 years ago. Back then, several different families grew the crop, which was one of the first vegetable varieties traded on the ‘Broeker Veiling.’ In 2000, two of those family businesses put their knowledge and resources together to create TB&S, and we’ve been focused on innovative vegetable growth ever since. We work with the best vegetable breeders and have our eyes on the future, as well as the development of international markets. Our mission? To share the joy of pointed cabbage with every country – and this seems to be happening. We’ve been the market leader in Europe for a long time, and we look forward to sharing the special flavour of pointed cabbage with the rest of the world. 

Growing pointed cabbage is a skill we’re very good at

At TB&S, we’re experts in growing pointed cabbage. With over 90 employees in the Netherlands and Portugal, we deliver fresh pointed cabbage through Europe every day. We manage our combined 600 hectares of Dutch and Portuguese fields very efficiently. We even work around unpredictable climate and weather conditions to reliably deliver long-lasting quality. 

About TB&S