Bok choi (Chinese cabbage)

Bok choi (Chinese cabbage)

Not only for the Asian kitchen

Bok choy (or Pak choi) is in the Chinese cabbage family. At TB&S, we love the authentic taste of this Chinese vegetable. Boy choy is a lettuce variety with a flavour that is a tiny bit watery, but surprisingly spicy. Boy choy looks beautiful and tastes great. We grow it in the summer in Holland.  

Available: May through October


Always fresh in summertime

Along with cabbage, we also deliver fresh bok choy on a daily basis. 

Cutting, preparing, and storing pointed bok choy

Using bok choy doesn’t have to be complicated. This vegetable is best in simple stir-fry dishes or with noodles. Bok choy can be kept in the fridge for a while, but of course is best when you prepare it straight away.