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Puree with pointed cabbage and Ba

Puree with pointed cabbage and Ba


Our quality

Quality, capacity, availability, and fast transportation

Our priorities include year-round pointed cabbage delivery, consistent quality, customisation to meet your needs, and quick transportation. Through it all, we always work to leave minimal effects on the environment and we constantly do internal food safety checks. With this, we guarantee quality in product and process. 

Available all year long

Thanks to our fields in the Netherlands and Portugal (VGT Lda.), ULO storage method, strong varieties, and flexible production process, we can meet your needs all year long. Although a lot of planning goes into our process, we can deliver our pointed cabbage at your doorstep tomorrow if needed. 

Consistent quality with certifications

By choosing the strongest pointed cabbage varieties, we truly deliver consistent quality all year. We work with the best breeders so our varieties are better, more flavourful, and stronger than ever. That’s particularly important in a world with such an unpredictable climate. We secure our quality under several different certifications (GLOBAL GAP, QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH, SKAL Bio Control).

Capacity: pointed cabbage, always in stock

We strive to always meet your needs. Whether that means one pallet per month or daily delivery, we’ll deliver exactly what you want. How is this possible? It’s all thanks to our storage method and the way we harvest on different fields. We’re experts when it comes to the dynamic process of the daily fresh vegetable market. 

Fast transportation

Our goal of providing quality every day means a better and more flavourful product, as well as a faster delivery. We partner with companies that meet our strict demands for conditioned transportation. Read more about our transportation options. 

Environmentally conscious growth
At TB&S, we are constantly aware of the environmental effects of growing vegetables. Within our production process, we limit the use of pesticides and fertilizer. One of the benefits of this is cleaner surface water.