Pointed cabbage

Pointed cabbage

Marshall® pointed cabbage: consistent quality

Pointed cabbage (also known as oxheart cabbage) is our pride and joy, because we are able to deliver it all year long with consistent quality. We are today’s market leader in Europe for pointed cabbage. Our own exclusive variety, Marshall®, grows perfectly in the mineral-rich soil we use. After more than 30 years of growing pointed cabbage, we still can’t get enough of it. We offer standard, sustainably grown pointed cabbage or an ecological variety that we grow under the SKAL Bio Control certificate.

Available: the entire year

Our own white pointed cabbage variety: Marshall®

At TB&S, our knowledge, experience, and passion for vegetables come together to result in strong and flavourful pointed cabbage. The same is true of the vegetable breeders we work with. Good pointed cabbage needs to remain flavourful through the process of packaging, transportation, and time on the shop shelf, until it ends up on the consumer’s plate. TB&S’s exclusive Marshall® variety carries this quality; it has a long shelf life, is disease-free, and is very tasty.

Cutting, preparing, and storing pointed cabbage

Pointed cabbage is a classic vegetable, but also fits into modern recipes. Our pointed cabbage is well-suited to every culinary style and every kitchen. Personally, we like it best in mashed dishes. Pointed cabbage can be stored very well in the fridge, but of course tastes best when you prepare it straight away. 

>>> Did you know that pointed cabbage contains few calories and is a very important source of vitamin C? Pointed cabbage has even more vitamin C than standard white cabbage.