The best in pointed cabbage and beyond

TB&S is specialized in growing pointed cabbage and red pointed cabbage (also known as oxheart cabbage). We grow two very strong and flavourful varieties: Marshall® and Tinty®. We also offer the very best white cabbage, red cabbage, romaine and baby romaine lettuce, and bok choy (Chinese cabbage). Five years ago, we also added the very popular butternut squash to the club.

Most importantly: availability to meet your needs

Our pointed cabbage is available all year long. Every day, we work hard to meet our clients’ needs. This is how TB&S differs from others in the market. By working from 600 hectares of soil in The Netherlands and Portugal, using an efficient warehouse storage system, and only choosing the strongest crop varieties, we don’t depend on the seasons for growth. We make our other vegetables available for as much of the year as possible.