Red pointed cabbage

Red pointed cabbage

Tinty® red pointed cabbage: our pride and joy

Our red pointed cabbage has a very special great taste. It looks great raw, and even better on your plate. Red pointed cabbage includes the best qualities of normal pointed red cabbage combined with the qualities of the white pointed cabbage. We grow and nurture our red pointed cabbage the same way as our white pointed cabbage.

Available: the entire year

Special pointed cabbage

Red pointed cabbage grew from a mix of the standard pointed cabbage and a classical red cabbage. Our vegetable breeders called it Tinty®. We worked with them for a long time to develop this special red pointed cabbage with a spicy flavour grown and distributed exclusively by TB&S. 

Cutting, preparing, and storing red pointed cabbage

The taste, colour, and structure of red pointed cabbage work just as well in a salad as they do in cooked, simmered, or stir-fried dishes. Red pointed cabbage stores well in the fridge, but is best when you prepare it straight away. 

>>> Did you know that red pointed cabbage is a very important source of vitamin C? Red pointed cabbage has even more vitamin C than normal white cabbage.